About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting.

This blog is a part of Teaspoon Studio. We keep our treasures here.. Works, Inspirations and things and honestly we used this blog for our bookmark as you can see we got load of cool sites we found on the right side 🙂

It happened when we saw something nice and we just want to share. It’s good to share inspiration to others isn’t it?

The better way to know Teaspoon more is on studio website and Facebook page on the right side.

Enjoy and Have a nice day



21 thoughts on “About Us

    • wow wowo wow!!!
      How did u hear about this??

      Miss u makmak leaw
      please please hurry back
      Napat just gone,and Joud just came back
      We’ll have a trip, sleeping trip like last time kor dai..just wanna be with u =]

  1. Count me in!
    Im so impressed too 🙂
    Heart you na Teaspoon girls
    sa-ler mai a… ling sent the link ma 🙂
    Will be your fans…

  2. Holaa! p’pimm
    remember me? it’s ping from GGG:)

    Coincidentally found out your blog through Shimu’s post, so surprised!!

    it’s nice seeing you on the world wide webbb
    na kaaa 😀

      • nooo kaa.
        i don’t know them personally, i must have followed some links a’ ka.
        i don’t remember which one exactly, it’s been quite a while kaa, hee hee :p

  3. Pimm…Miss you a..
    Can I be one of your tea spoon family?
    How ’bout N’tui and Kae.
    Why don’t you include them in…??
    55 By the way, I like the dress you and mom bought it for me…. So pretty and so victoria-like..
    N’kae took a pict of me wearing it.I think she’ll probably post it on facebook
    love you na sis

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