Blackheart set design

Hawaii theme and a real sand set ! I draw a backdrop pattern and the team help making other props , that was very hot day but very much fun also.

















Teaching day at Faifah

Teaspoon team did this before new year last year and I forget to post. Well, this is a very useful project by TMB (commercial bank in Thailand ) this place called “Faifah” they help poor kids in community; acting like tutoring school, teaching arts , cookery and many things with free of charge. They asked teaspoon to be a volunteer to have one day workshop with kids teach them to make their own new year backdrop (as a decoration before their new year party) more than 10 kids and 4 of us .. Fun time








Teaspoon first pop up shop

Hello all , it has been awhile that I haven’t post ,after I always update on my Facebook page and my IG . I’m so sorry .. Well, this past weekend Teaspoon studio joined a beauty and the biz fair at Mater Dei school , it was our first pop up shop ever! And back to school and met lot of friends and people who support me made my weekend so perfect !
Thank you all the support . It really means to me . Love






The House That Jack Built

Only the name  “The House That Jack Built” sounds so interesting.. This new creative duo are create and collaborate many brilliant projects like Blossom Party and Christmas in the silent forest. I could say only they are the best party I ever seen..   (just  wish I could be there myself)  You can read the interview here and their website here  also thank you my fav blog for more pictures..


The wedding

Yes, It was Teaspoon wedding work. I was asked to do the two wedding backdrops , logo and wedding favors(packaging), took place at Siam Kempinski hotel.. so tired setting up but  so happy and honored to do for this couple .. you guys are so sweet . Congratulation to both of you again ♥♥




I found this artical in a cool blog, WonderLust so I share it here in teaspoons. Actually I found this cute Chocolate imported from America in some shop here before, with their cute pattern make me want to know who’s behind this. Finally, this post answer me all! and with no idea that these two brothers are the maker !!!

The Mast Brothers (who are actually brothers) do everything for their “American Craft Chocolate,” from bean to packaging, at their Brooklyn “factory”– a model not often seen in the chocolate industry.  And, there is no sugar or cocoa butter added– the chocolate is purely what comes directly from the beans they grind and melt.



As such, their product has a great story, and I also happen to love their packaging and the look of their storefront/factory!

I love the combo of the beautifullly patterned and retro looking papers with the incredibly simple logo and modern font.  And it’s awesome that their logo is a mast that also sort of looks like a crown, and the hand-drawn quality lends a homemade feel to the product and keeps it from looking like they take themselves too seriously.

The combo of brick, wood beams, maps, grain sacks, chalk board, and industrial equipment is pretty awesome looking.  I think they nailed the aesthetic for their little operation.




Mast Brothers website here.
Photos and questionnaire from The Selby



1st teaspoon 


The Selby

The Selby in his Paris apartment in the Colette shop window. We had our portrait taken with Scout, picked up some stickers and checked out his awesome new book featuring some amazing places not shown on the blog. You can preorder it here, and check out more craziness from his week in the window here. (thanks the article from Scout!)

Amazing, colorful and lively site ever!


1st teaspoon