Teaspoon stop motion

All the little models wrapping by our wrapping paper, and this living room is what we always dream to have, from wallpaper to cushions with teaspoon prints..

It’s a studio’s first stop motion ever! Thank you for our interns and a wonderful song from Lullatone to made this stop motion too perfect. ♥


Alcapa Sports

I’m not sure how can I find this mv but I know I couldn’t stop listen to this incredible band from Göteborg, Sweden. Everything there is so lovely, I could imagine myself on a train going to somewhere far away on holiday, and of course the cuddliest music video I’ve ever seen! Try it yourself on their web and on youtube




Have a happy holiday everyone !


I just finish watching this japanese film. Wagane(glasses) is the best movie I ever watch, every one in this film have their own weird characters but if you watch and don’t think too much , you will feel the breeze come out of the film. It starts with a whim but ended up with peace. I also snap some of my favorite scenes here, and also a link to watch online.

Can’t stop smiling ♥♥♥


1st teaspoon

Where the wild things are

“What’s not to like about wild animals that talk and huge forests growing in your room?” Where the wild things are is beyond imaginary movie. It’s all about wandering, finding, playing….and return home with everything is like the same. I can’t wait to see. All the trailer I saw was amazing, and the album I had is brilliant. I keep listen on and on , this is my favorite song of the album… Hope you love it like me

Can’t wait can’t wait!!


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Slow Reverse

The coolest band in Bangkok?  Easily could be.

Slow Reverse is a Bangkok-based dreamy synth-pop band formed in 2006. Their sounds is based on beautiful melodic guitars, old analogue synthesizers and a lovely percussive sounds of vibraphone. I suddenly falling in love when I first hear it. How cute the rhythm is… Thanks to Oil one of the singer who shared this to us.. ♥  There’s a monster in my eyes already!








Slow Reverse … We ♥ You


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