Shimu’s * Teaspoons No.2

Then it has to be continue…

Because of I like it so much,so I got an idea of drawing this cute dresses of  Vivetta to Shimu’s girls as our No.2 in wood color and added fabulous hats to make all the girls more cuteeee =]

Vivetta is my inspiration and also my favorite song ,which I listened 10 times a day …I wrote the lyric into this Illustration also.

This all together, the dresses, the girls and the song make a good mood ,well, at least to me.

Find a song to listen ,it’s in “Little Joy” album and the song named “Unattainable”.., Shimu’s posted this song for download already.

Hope you like it ♥




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Shimu’s * Teaspoons

When they asked me to joined their column I was so glad and love to do.. , after thinking what should be in the No.1 of this collaboration , I decided to use watercolor as our very first one..

So from now on you can see more illustrations in both two blogs , here and Shimu’s itself

Enjoy! ♥


Pan Niki

Lokpad Parut


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