Hello Ladies,

How ‘s your summer holiday ? We went to the lovely pop up boutique hotel where located in central London. Interestingly , they served  Jacques that is a vibrant, fruity alcoholic drink and the perfect accessory to indulge in some frivolous fun! Pour over ice and enjoy with your girlfriends.

The table of temptation with cute cakes and oversize pom poms

They gave us map and key 🙂

Fortune Teller Corner

The forest of dream with trees adorned with teacups, jewellry and vintage cushions.

The reception room with very warm welcoming staffs 🙂

It is cute , isn’t it ?

We had a great time there. Check out their details on http://www.facebook.com/Jacques

Have a wonderful summer holiday 🙂


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Wonder Drawers

This drawers inspired me so much. The vintages furnitures have they own charm. I thinking of a grid, and pastel colours when look at them. Actually, I can make a pattern form all these drawers lines shape and their colour.


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Studio Visit

This is my favorite workshop this term, “Pick Me Up” a contemporary graphic art fair. It was held in Somerset House, the fair brought many studios work to show. Honestly, I choose this studio visit because I know that there would be Rob Ryan studio included. Lucky me, he was there! the real Rob Ryan! I was so glad to met him, he is my favorite artist. He worked there with other three girls, help him cut his work and as if he moved his studio there, the room was amazing. There were screen print, table works and all his inspirations on the wall. I stood there and walk around many times (and can’t stop smiling) Not only his studio that made me smile, there were lot of talent designers and artists, their works inspired me so much. Some made from very plain graphic but turned out very great. I saw many ideas, many techniques and especially, I got many artist names that I never heard before and search more about their works online when I got back home.

Pattern London

My last workshop this term is Pattern London. We taught how to make pattern but everybody did their own style anyway. At first, I planned to made a hand-draw one, but there was no equipment so I changed to made them on screen. My idea was based to the original one as hand-draw, so I draw some and find illustrations that fit was I thought and mix them together. In only one hour I had, I made London topping cupcakes, even it’s not really the final one but I quite like it.


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Stencil and Icon and symbol

I have known the stencil technique before but not with the sponge. When I stenciled I always use a spray colour but this time when I use sponge, the out come is amazing. It can see the disheveled of colour when you roll the sponge each time which I quite like that.

In the Icons  and symbols class, I was told to create signage for the area in London I choose. My group choose Covent Garden area which has a way to China town also. We got many ideas for create symbolic of places around there, like a symbol of a man a hat and money in their eyes, refer to a street show there which you have to pay for watching them, or a upside down duck for China town. After many ideas we did, we decided to mix the symbols and the signags together, related to what we feel that ares is. All the mood, feeling, sounds, smells and people there are like, we agree as a fun feeling like a festival is explain that area best. Not only thinking about the shape of places and directions there, but I have learnt to think about the atmosphere and the feeling of that area to.


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Wonder Bread

I found this weired but cute idea from one blog. I don’t know why but they put a smile on my face, especially the Van Gogh one. Actually, they look like fungi to me but I must say I really love them! What a great idea making this!


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Likay in Thaiyo

The Thaiyo exhibition took place in Bangkok Art and Culture Center, from Thai artists who got influenced or inspiration from Japanese arts. This amazing craft works was made by Thai artist who I took a biding course with her last year, Likay Bindery. She collected memorable pieces of paper from over 2,000 books she made and remade them as a new pieces of 3D collage-like craft books. That’s a good way to keep your good memories, isn’t it?


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